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Blogs to help you:

  • Increase Giving
  • Engage Your Community
  • Manage Your Books
  • Lower Your Costs

Three things your church needs in the COVID-19 crisis

Posted By: Jesse Wellhoefer on April 16, 2020

Even with empty pews, your people still need you. You can still serve them and your community! That is why I wanted to share three key elements your organization needs in place right now!

  1. Live Streaming
  2. Online Communities
  3. Simple Online Giving Options
Giving Made Easy

You can still serve your community while they are on COVID-19 lockdown!

The world is changing how they live their lives. Practicing social distancing means finding new ways to do the things we are used to doing. In some cases, it even means eliminating former activities altogether. The current guidelines have resulted in many businesses, organizations, and buildings closing their doors. Large gatherings can be dangerous, and some states have gone as far as issuing stay-at-home orders.

As the outbreak of COVID-19 has grown, churches have had to make sudden and significant adjustments. Church services have served as a place of peace and comfort for many, but in the face of a global pandemic, they could be dangerous. Churches are facing the real prospect of not being able to host any services in the near future.

Fellowship is an integral part of both faith and the church. While churches may not be able to fellowship together in person, they are forging into creative and modern ways to stay connected as a congregation.

Here are some ways that churches are managing to keep active with their congregations and communities:

1) Live Stream Services

Since you cannot host large gatherings, a solid live streaming program is absolutely necessary. People want to continue hearing your message, and if you let them know when you are ready to go live, they will come to watch. A great online streaming service to check out is worshipchannels.com. One of the huge perks of using this option is that they offer an online giving link within the video.

Always text and email your congregation a link to your live stream at least 30 minutes before you go live, and then right away as you go live. This may sound intrusive, but actually people are happy to get the reminder.

online giving

2) Online Communities

Facebook Live

If your church has a Facebook page and has an active community through social media, Facebook Live could be a great option for sharing your message virtually. One of the best things about this option is that it replicates a live sermon and allows members to interact and comment while the service is taking place. Even if someone does miss the live streaming, they can still go back and watch the video later. Once the live streaming is over, you can share the video and the link. This can help spread your reach beyond your usual members and offer even more outreach to your community.


Any videos can be uploaded onto YouTube, offering a great platform to share any services, sermons, or even bible studies. Creating a YouTube channel for your church is easy and free. Any videos that are saved on YouTube can be shared to other platforms, including via email or through social media. Members on YouTube can subscribe to your channel and will have access to all of the videos that you save.


This platform was designed for companies who wished to hold remote office meetings with teams. However, churches have found that it can be useful for virtual services and messages as well. Zoom allows an individual user to record a video that can be saved. It also allows groups to come together online and hold a video conference. This would require all users to download Zoom and they would need to have both video and audio capabilities on the device they would be using. Everyone on the call shares their screen, so users can see and talk to each other.

This option would be a great way for any small groups or bible studies to continue and still feel as if they are able to interact with one another. Being able to see each other in real-time can offer a sense of fellowship and can allow smaller groups to interact much the same as they would in person. There are paid options but signing up is free and they do offer free video conference services to members.

While all of these options can help continue to keep everyone connected, they don't allow you to pass out an offering plate. Churches still have a need for giving, even in times of crisis. So how can your church allow members to give when they are no longer coming to church?

online giving

3) Simple Online Giving Options

Continue to Give is the #1 online giving solution, offering the most options for giving virtually. Even if your congregation is not tech-savvy, they offer ways to give that easy for all of your members. Here are 6 options that Continue to Give offers to keep your members giving.

App Giving

This option is great for repeat givers. After downloading the app and making their first donation, a person's information is saved for easy giving in the future. The process is simple and user-friendly.

Text Giving

Organizations will receive their own custom number. They simply let donors know what the number is, then the donor can type in the amount they want to give and then they get a confirmation reply. Their donation is made instantly with no hassle.

QR Codee

You have the ability to set up a QR code that people can scan from their phone or mobile device. This will take them to a donation form where they can easily donate. This QR code can be for a specific cause or event, or just for regular giving.

Text for Link

You can set up a code that anyone can text to your designated number. Once they do, they will be sent a link to a donation form where they can make a donation. From there, the process is simple, and the donation can be made easily on their mobile phone.

Website Giving

Continue to Give offers easy ways to embed forms right into your website. Anyone who visits your site can make a donation by quickly filling out a form. They also offer a pop-up option that you can embed. When anyone clicks on your designated link, a donation form pops up that they can fill out on the spot. If you don't want to embed any links onto your website, there is also an option to just add a link that would take someone right to the Continue to Give site. This link will automatically prompt them to make a donation, leaving no guesswork or navigation on their part.

Peer to Peer Fundraising

Don't have a website? No problem! Continue to Give allows you to set up a public fundraising page. With this option, you can give information about your mission and why you are raising funds. People can also see others who have donated and what amount you are hoping to raise.

In times like these, churches are adapting the ways they continue to offer their services and outreach to members and the community. Let Continue to Give make it easy for your congregation to keep giving. Signing up is free. See how Continue to Give can increase your giving and why they are the #1 online giving solution. Check out their website and start accepting online donations today.

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