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Blogs to help you:

  • Increase Giving
  • Engage Your Community
  • Manage Your Books
  • Lower Your Costs

Common Failed Messages for Online Giving

Posted By: on July 10, 2017

We have all had it, your donor is ready to commit and give you an online donation and then their credit card gets declined. Not only is it frustrating for you as a church, nonprofit, or missionary fundraiser, but it is also embarrassing for your donor. But don't worry we have made a list of the most common credit, debit, and ACH declined messages for online giving and fundraising websites! Here are the most common failed transaction messages, what they mean, and what the donor can do to correct them.

Declined/ General Decline/ Transaction was Declined by Card Issuer

This is a general decline. You can try the transaction one more time but it you get the same failed message the cardholder will need to call their issuing bank or the number on the back of their credit card. Once the cardholder has talked with their issuing bank and resolved the issue they can try their donations again.

Invalid Card Number

This means your card number was typed in wrong. Please try the online giving again by re-entering your card number. If this error keeps happening then the donor will have to call their credit card issuer to make sure their credit card number is still valid

Expired Card

This means your card number has expired; or you can check to make sure you typed in your expiration date correctly. (For Donors - How to manage your online giving .)

Insufficient funds

This means the card does not have the funds to cover the donation amount. The donor needs to contact their bank to add money so there is sufficient funds inside their bank account to make the donation

Account Closed

This is a failed message specifically with an ACH (online banking) transaction. This means the donor closed their bank account that they tried to donate from. Let the donor know the banking information they provided is no longer valid and they need to edit their Payment Information inside their Continue to Give account and try the donation again.

Invalid processor REFID: or Source Key not Found

This error message means your merchant account is not active or you never received an approval on your merchant account. Please contact [email protected] to resolve this with your account.

Processor Error

This means the processor is experiencing an error. Try your donation again in 10 minutes.

Invalid Message Body

This means that you have a special character that our online giving software cannot read. Please remove any special character in your billing information (most commonly seen in your name or city). Then try the donation again.

If there is a general error to make corrections to the fields please take a look at any highlighted fields you may have missed or has an unknown value.

If you as the organization want to help the donor fix the issue you can always use your virtual terminal to manage their account. Watch the video below:

If you are still having issues with a failed message please send a copy of the receipt or a screenshot of the pop up failure to [email protected] and we will assist you.

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