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Timothy Martens Missionary Blogger


Timothy Martens is a missionary fundraising with Children's Bible Ministries, an organization that focuses on reaching children through classes with public school children, camps during the summer, and correspondence lessons throughout the year. His specialties are teen programs, media, and music. However, writing has always been dear to his heart, and he hopes to use it to make people more passionate about the gospel. He has completed two years of communication study from the University of North Carolina, Pembroke and, being a missionary kid, has had several years of experience working in ministry and online fundraising. He is no stranger to overseas missions, being the son of a Filipino mother who has traveled extensively back and forth from her homeland.

Over the years, Timothy has been to Africa, Europe, Central America, and Asia on short-term missions. Most of these trips have required him to raise funds, and he has learned a myriad of techniques in how to garner support from both his peers and his elders. Currently, he is raising support to join a Christian camp under CBM's umbrella. His prayer is to raise the needed $2000 a month in order for him to be full-time within one year. Though the road is long, he is ready to chronicle his journey using the techniques that he has learned from his mentors.

To learn more about Timothy you van visit his personal fundraising website at www.continuetogive.com/timmy

Posted on: 08/18/2016
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