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In September of 2014 the lives of my wife and I changed forever! That's when we found out that one of my relatives wanted to place her child for adoption and that we were her top choice! We were able to be a part of the pregnancy and to be there at the hospital during labor and delivery.

Our little man, Jude Myron Barnes, was born on January 21, 2015 and we've been with him every second of his life since then! We set up our Continue To Give fundraiser to help us offset the many costs of adoption. There are legal fees and social workers fees in two states. Then there are the fees associated with an interstate adoption. And, lastly, there are the numerous fees that go into the adoption finalization process. Add to all of this the financial complication of paternity leave and you get a very tight situation.

But thanks to the generosity of so many of our friends and family can see the finish line! We just have a few final steps to go! Thanks so much for the time you took to read this and our family truly appreciates your support in whatever form it my come (prayers, encouragement, babysitting, and/or donations).

Thanks a million!

Matt, Alida, and Jude Myron Barnes

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Posted on: 06/10/2015

By Kristen McGraw

As a potential adoptive parent , I was intrigued by the thought of adopting a child from another country. However, my husband was the voice of reality and reminded me that the cost of international adoption was way beyond our means. I was disappointed but willing to try other more affordable avenues like adopting an older child in the United States. The costs of a domestic infant adoption were also out of our reach. Eventually we were drawn to foster care because the process is essentially free and we were willing to open ourselves to the possibility of reunification. Now that I work in the adoption/foster care world, I am aware that there are many creative ways to fund a more expensive type of adoption.

For the record, I do not regret my journey through foster care and highly recommend it as an affordable option to others. However, there are now some wonderful and creative ways to make the cost of your dream adoption attainable. A quick Google search with the words "Financial Assistance for Adoption" will produce a wide variety of sources to explore. Topics include, tax credit, loans, and fundraising. Always ask your agency about financial resources to explore their recommendations first. The tax credit is also a substantial deduction for adoption. The only challenge with a tax deduction is that you must pay expenses first to receive the write off later on. I have found that using multiple sources and ideas tends to be the best way to whittle down costs.

As a hopeful mother, I found it very discouraging that financial barriers stood between me and the family that I wanted. I felt like searching out a loan or holding a fundraiser just highlighted the fact that my husband and I had infertility issues. It was the last thing on earth that I wanted to broadcast to the general public. So I narrowed down my search by listing the choices by my comfort level. I started by talking to my personal banking institution to find out what we would qualify for. I also felt comfortable researching grants and applying to any that felt right. My parents also wanted to contribute and offered us a family loan. I felt that I would be able to pay them back with the tax refund that I had gained by using the tax credit. Now that it is 10 years later, I think I would be more confident in looking at some creative fundraising methods such as selling homemade goods, or participating in a 5K fundraiser.

I found that researching all the different methods was the most important step that I made. As I searched through the possibilities, I was able to pick and choose what would work best for me and my husband. I recommend talking to others about their adoption experience too. Don't be afraid to be brave and try some of the more creative methods of fundraising too!

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If you want to read more of Kristen's work you can visit her blog here visit her blog here !

Posted on: 04/23/2015

by the Jensen Family

Fundraising...Sometimes this word can be controversial, especially when it comes to adoption. I have always known I was going to adopt but I did not always think I would fundraise to do it. One of the biggest reasons my husband and I choose to fundraise for our adoption was being we had been able to help others adopt by giving to them financially. It was like being a part of a story that was so much bigger than my day to day life.

I got to follow other families along in their adoption process and see just how wildly God provided the funds through the compassion of others that maybe would never even meet the family they were helping in person! It was such a cool testimony of all the giving hearts across the world.

Then we decided to set up a page on Continue to Give and see who wanted to be a part of our story and the outcome was incredible! We not only had our regular site but we set up lots of giving pages. We did Love Auctions and giveaways. We also were able to fundraise for new mattresses and pillows for the care center that our son was living at! So many people that I did not know and will never meet have been a part of our story and our son's.

Our adoption ended up being a little bit more expensive and long lasting than at first anticipated and because of the giving that took place from people we were still able to have an adoption completed in one year debt freem

I honestly do not think that going into debt for adoption is wrong or bad. We go into debt for much sillier things than the life of a child; however was it amazing to not have to worry about debt after bringing a new life into our home? YES! We were able to concentrate on bonding, loving, and healing as a family with a debt free adoption.

Lets talk lasting relationships. Fundraising for adoption is not only about money, it is about a whole new family. A family that is all different colors and cultures. A family that has been where you have been. A family that can cry with you and pray with you. A family that can rejoice with you and celebrate with you. A family that you can ask questions too and they will truly understand. There are so many people I would never have meet if I had not done fundraising on this journey. Beautiful lasting relationships that have blessed me beyond measure.

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Posted on: 04/10/2015

By Hilda Spann

The hardest thing about adoptions is "waiting" and "wanting." It is a beautiful thing to want to have children. It is hard thing to want them and yet have an empty nest. It's hard to wait.

Like many people, I started the adoption process after the failure of infertility treatment. Infertility treatment was another "waiting" and "wanting" process. The fact that we always considered adoption a happy alternative didn't make it any easier to go through drug side- effects and procedures. Also it entailed getting my hopes up month after month only to have them dashed. It is a grueling, draining process and I was so glad when we stopped trying and moved into the adoption process.

I know I was tired of "waiting" and "wanting" but I had to get myself geared up for another waiting process with the adoption. But this time the "waiting" and "wanting" was an entirely different experience. It was an experience with hope. It was a "waiting" and "wanting" which, this time, was based on the knowledge that "yes! at some point in the future I will be a parent." I was expecting!

The great thing about the adoption "waiting" and "wanting" process was that it could be public in a way infertility treatment never could be. Once I started pursuing adoption, I could tell my church family and have their prayers. I could tell my neighbors and colleagues and be surrounded by support and encouragement. I wasn't the only one "expecting." My parents and siblings and best friends were all filled with anticipation.

Crowdfunding did not exist at the time I adopted my two beautiful boys* but I personally had a crowdfunding experience just last year. I had a crisis and needed a new roof immediately or have the ceiling leaking and filling with mold. I cannot emphasize enough how much love and hope I felt coming from people through their donations and kind words during my crisis.

Adoption is sort of a "crisis" if you go back to the Greek source of the word "Kairos." "Kairos" means a time rich with opportunity. It means "an opportune time." Adoption is a time when opportunity is going to come your way and bring you great things. Among the great things coming your way is the support of people who want to see you become a parent and help you have a debt free adoption . Fundraising involves waiting too. However, as gifts come in you are going to feel so much love and receive so many good wishes that the waiting will be less difficult.

I experienced ups and downs with the "waiting" and "wanting" of the adoption process. It was hard to hear stories of children out there who needed a home but I was still helpless to make that happen. It pulled at my heart to be told by the adoption agency about a baby and then have the birth mother pick another couple just based on their age. Another time, a set of twins became available but, in the same week we first heard about them, one developed a head bleed that meant she would never walk. The agency wanted these girls placed with a couple with medical experience. Nonetheless, it was so much easier weathering these disappointments because I was surrounded by prayers and support. I hope you find the strength, patience and love to get through this waiting and that Continue to Care helps you find the resources you need. I hope at the end of your adoption story is an end to "wanting" and the joy of parenthood.

*I adopted a sibling group of two brothers in 1992 through Children's Home Society. They are fine young men now, working hard and being creative and resourceful. You can read more about me at my personal website www.lovelossandlistening.com

Hilda Spann
Posted on: 04/09/2015

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Posted on: 09/17/2014