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OLL Tithe

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Tithes and Offerings

Mission Statement:

A. To Proclaim - To proclaim the Word of God through teaching, preaching, and living our daily lives.
B. To be Community - We are called by Jesus to be a community who gives witness to our unity of faith. We are the body of Christ.
C. To Serve - Our call is both a gift and a responsibility. Therefore, we must examine the needs of the parish, the community, the nation and the world and respond accordingly.
D. To Celebrate - To celebrate the realities of our faith through sacramental liturgies, particularly the Eucharist, the high point of all liturgical celebrations.
We are dedicated to quality education for children, youth and adults.

Basic Information

Phone: 573-445-7915
Fax: 573-446-7402
Address: 903 Bernadette Dr
Postal: 65203
Website: www.ourladyoflourdes.org
Country: United States
Region: Missouri
City: Columbia


Columbia, Missouri, United States Map It