Mary Anne Kochut

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Mary Anne Kochut

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Mary Anne Kochut

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Professional Bio Mary Anne is an author, motivational speaker, coach, trainer and organization/management development professional who is skilled in executive coaching, group dynamics, consultation and facilitation. She specializes in the areas of leadership, communications, executive coaching, change management and career transition and has experience in the Financial Services, Telecommunications, public utilities, insurance, retail and healthcare industries, numerous government agencies, non-profit organizations and academia. As someone who has always had a keen and sincere interest in the development of human resources, Mary Anne%u2019s personal motto is %u201Ccommitted to the extraordinary.%u201D As a result, she remains "in touch" with the most current and most provocative issues relative to American business today. She is a determined individual and is committed to giving any project she is involved with one hundred percent of her talents and energies. She thrives on being in front of groups of people as they experience their learning, growth and development. Her philosophy "learning should be fun" is successfully integrated into her personal and professional life. Mary Anne holds a Master%u2019s of Science Degree in Organization Development from the American University/National Training Laboratories program in Washington, DC. Additionally, she holds the National Training Laboratories Certificate for Organization Development and is certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. As a result of more than twenty years of experience in various Fortune 500 Companies, she has a broad background in the area of executive coaching, organization development, consulting and training. Her experience ranges from resource development and evaluation to program development and delivery. Her first book, Power vs. Perception: Ten Characteristics of Self-Empowerment for Women was released in August 2013. She is an engaging and energetic speaker who inspires her audiences through her own personal experiences combined with her commitment to excellence and professional expertise. She has spoken at various business and entrepreneurial conferences including the NJ Organization Development Network, The Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership, The Women Leaders and Entrepreneurial Summit and The Global Women of Power Summit. Before becoming an independent consultant, Mary Anne was an Assistant Vice President of Training and Development in the Financial Services Industry as well as a Training Specialist for AT&T in their School of Business and Technology. In both roles she performed consulting services for clients and developed interventions based on their individual organizational needs. She managed curricula and all career development, coaching and mentoring programs, delivered leadership, management development and skill development courses to employees at all levels of the organization and selected outside customers. The skill areas addressed by these courses included leadership, communications, diversity, managing people, managing work, team building, self-management and career development. In addition, Mary Anne is on the faculty of Essex County College and Passaic County Community College. Previously she was also on the faculty of Fairleigh Dickinson University and Pillar College. She has also held the title of Senior Director of Human Resources at The Professional Service Group at the NJ Department of Labor. Some of her clients include: Lucent Technologies, Public Service Enterprise Group, The State of New Jersey, The US Department of Labor (through Strategic Learning Solutions) and Fifth Third Bank (through Neil Cerbone and Associates). She holds a coaching certification from Strategic Learning Alliance (formerly Fowler Wainwright International) and is certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Mission Statement:

Purpose Statement

I am a servant of Jesus Christ and I strive to serve Him in whatever way He directs me.

I am an advocate for people. I equip them with the tools they need to better serve Him.

I am a responsible mother and give priority to that role. I build productive relationships with family, friends, church, business, community and academic relationships.

In my professional life I produce results. I act with courage, consideration and discretion; build business partnerships and negotiate win/win agreements. I act with courage, consideration and discretion. I focus my life parts and goals; balancing home and career effectively.

Personal and professional learning, growth and development are a priority for me. I strive for excellence in education and continuously seek to further my educational and learning opportunities.

My home is a place where I find comfort, peace and happiness. I seek to create a clean, orderly environment, yet livable and comfortable.

I value good health and fitness and maintain an addiction-free lifestyle.

I%u2019m committed to a clean, peaceful world, where all people live lives of joy and have fun.